"I was stuck. Big bills were coming and I didn’t know the next move for my multi-unit company to recover from a bad decision. I felt like I tapped out my own brain power and needed other like-minded people to help me get past the fear with experience and out of the box thinking. In working with Scott and in a short amount of time, my business has had a complete turnaround, but more importantly I have peace thinking about the future and quickly got past the paralyzing fear!" 


– Ronda H.

"Scott has a way of waiting till the right moment to bring the heat and really pull things together for the group."


– Tim D.

"Scott has a gift of pulling the potential out of people. He saw that I was struggling and rather than make me feel good telling me something that I wanted to hear he told me what I needed to hear."


– Ron L.

"There are times that I did not like Scott. He shot straight with me and didn’t let me slide. He knows how to really get at the root of the problem and helped me to refocus. I was in a dark place when I joined the group and Scott refused to let me stay there."


– Michelle B.

"Enroll into this mastermind group only if you are ready for growth, change, inspiration and are willing to do the hard work. The life change and pay off is far greater than what it will cost you to devote your time to personal growth. When you grow it acts as a catalyst for others connected to you to grow, there by creating an environment of growth within your family or business. These groups are centered on connectedness, safety, vulnerability and ownership of our lives and choices. Scott’s ability to maintain group boundaries, ask the hard questions and point out our blind spots, personally and professionally, chart a course for growth if participants are willing to adjust their compass. My compass was broken for years, but it’s not anymore and I would participate in these groups and do the hard work all over again because I’m living in my pay off."

- Michelle L.