Take Control of Your Present & Future

Do you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed as a small business

owner or leader in your organization?

Meet Coach Scott

Scott is a leadership and life coach, Major in the United States Army and holds two Master's degrees. He is also a certified John Maxwell coach.


Scott is not a stranger to challenges and disappointment but has learned how to use those things as motivation to reach his goals. After a devastating car accident, Scott was told he would never have use of his left hand again. But instead of allowing that to determine the outcome of the rest of his life, he used that diagnosis to get his mind right and did whatever it took so he could have full use of his left hand.

After overcoming those challenges, Scott learned that getting your mind right is a huge part to reaching success and those big goals you want to set, but are afraid to even say out loud. He has coached others to do the same and wants to do the very same for you!

Coach Scott wants to help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in your business and family life so you can operate at a higher level and stop playing small. 

Are you ready to 



Scott offers trainings to help you get started on your path toward growth. Trainings are easily accessible and available to anyone who is ready to start operating at their Peak Performance.


Scott will give you a strategy and the tools you need to help overcome your limiting beliefs and excuses so you can reach your full potential.

With several options, including the Go Boldly Mastermind Group and private coaching sessions, Scott will help you stay accountable so you can stop playing small.