Coach Scott has had to overcome obstacles since the day he was born.  Always rising above and landing on his feet, Coach Scott knows first hand what it takes to be a Peak Performer.

At the age of 15, Coach Scott coached his first team, a junior basketball team winning the championship in his first year.  Ironically, Coach Scott had never played on a basketball team himself but intuitively knew how to bring out the best in his players.

Coach calls it both a strength and a curse but he has been given a true gift of helping his clients dig deep to bring out the Peak Performer within them.  He calls this a curse because he finds himself doing this to people even when they have not asked to be coached.

Coach Scott has become one of the most sought after motivators, speaker and coach today.  He can work with individuals and teams of all sizes.  If you are ready to become a Peak Performer, Coach Scott can help you become that.