Ever heard of the saying “Robbing Peter to pay Paul.” Typically this refers to saving money in one area to pay something else, typically a bill.

While on a group call with my coach Paul Martinelli, yes I have a coach, he was coaching another individual and it was obvious the caller was struggling in different areas of their life. Paul asked that individual a question that really hit me between the eyes. He asked the caller, “are you addicted to struggle.” WOW! What a powerful question.

Are YOU addicted to struggle?


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I coach people from all walks of life, some most would consider wealthy and others that say all they know is struggle.

Maybe you are not necessarily addicted to struggle but you are addicted to being busy. So many of us stay busy to avoid getting to the core issue. Both of these addictions occasionally go hand in hand.

If you find yourself robbing Peter to pay Paul with your finances I would imagine you are robbing Peter to pay Paul with your time as well.

What are you robbing from Peter to pay Paul?
Are you ready to end the addiction?